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Runbo X5

Runbo X5

By on May 18, 2013 in geek, News, phone |

Updated the 27th May

For some time now, I have been looking for a phone that could follow me in my travels, while allowing me the required connectivity.
The Runbo X5 was quite appealing in these terms, as it is a rugged dual sim, dual core phone with a “vanilla” ICS 4.0.4

Runbo X5 rugged ICS phone 3800ma battery dual sim

Click for full size of Runbo X5 rugged ICS phone battery dual sim


So far I’ve had the phone for a week, and although it crashed 2 times the first day and one time both the second and third day, it somehow got stable and I just decided it would become my main phone. The previous sentence might sound funny, but I was a bit wary of this almost “reviewless”, quite cheap, Chinese phone (aren’t all our phones Chinese today anyway?).

As it is sparse and poorly referenced, I will try to post relevant information on this page, in order to try to help other users.  I mess a bit with my phone, because I think I know what I’m doing, but at least I’m certain that some of the things I did could have bricked/ruined my phone.  In no case might I be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your phone for following any of the hacks you find here.

Runbo X5 dual sim rugged phone

Runbo X5 dual sim rugged phone

Basically, the Runbo X5 has:

  • An MTK6577 1Ghz Dual core processor
  • Dual Sim GSM/CDMA – beware, both sims are not equal!!! the first is CDMA, the second is 2G – GSM.
  • 4Gb rom
  • 1Gb ram
  • 3800 mA battery
  • A 400-470 Mhz UHF radio
  • The usual Android requirements: sensors, camera, GPS, …

For complete technical specs, please visit gsmchoice

 !!! This can ruin your phone !!!

After having the phone for a week, I was itchy to get root so I could do proper backups, use setcpu, … and maybe later, toy with the system.  Please be sure you read everything, as the above warning is not a joke, and don’t forget to put your phone USB in camera mode (not USB sharing).

This time, it is xda-developers Bin4ry that solved the issue with his many ICS root  –> This file worked to root my Runbo X5

Interesting external links:

An in progres UHF Runbo hack on randomdata

An insight of the Runbo X3 by Philipp Maier on YouTube


After an hour of random clicking on Chinese text, I got an interesting file out of the runbo site:

Runbo X5 Driver and Flashtool

I havn’t had the time to test it yet, but I wanted to share Pocket RXTX, that seems to be a promising tool for radio.

I will update this page from time to time,  please, if you have anything interesting to share, let me know at jupiter126        \@robase&’=1″\ (sorry but I hate spambots ;))

Update 1/1/2014
After 7 months, I managed to kill the Runbo.  The hardware still looks OK, but the phone crashes upon loading the Runbo logo, so I can’t boot it anymore.
This phone went trough hell: it flew and fall hundred of times (once at 40km/h from the bicycle), it swam and took showers, it was the most solid phone I ever had.  I will miss this phone so much that I just ordered an X6 as replacement (I’ll post about it when I’ll receive it) 😉