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Custom package tracking

Custom package tracking

By on Jul 9, 2013 in android, geek, News, phone |

Moving to Barcelona, I face the trouble of sending my belongings there.

Sending everything with a transporter is always a bit of a worry, even more so when you send computers with important data.

To reduce this risk feeling, I decided to setup a custom package tracking system with an android phone.

Where’s my Android provided all I needed for this matter:

It responds it’s GPS coordinates by SMS in answer to a predefined code sent by SMS by a predefined number.  If GPS fails, the application will use network cells to determine an approximate position.  This means every few hours I will be able to track the advancement of my package in real time 😉

Of course, I disabled all battery consuming things on the mobile, and used SetCPU to downclock the CPU as much as possible.  This should allow for a 4 to 5 days tracking, knowing that number barely gets any calls.