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How to contact Amazon Spain?

How to contact Amazon Spain?

By on Jul 4, 2020 in Amazon,, contact, customer driven change, customer service, experiment, News, outofthebox, strategy |

Este articulo sobre como contactar a Amazon en España esta disponible en Español.

This article is the practical part of another article called Concrete example: How a single customer could impact a BIG company’s policy?

How to contact Amazon Spain?

Since they cancelled the contact telephone numbers for Spain (+34 900 803 711 and +34 800 810 251 don’t work anymore), it became nearly impossible to get in touch with a human being working at

This situation is quite uncomfy for customers, and I don’t think amazon realizes. The issue being that not being able to tell them, they won’t ever realize…

At the same time, in these times of pandemics, is doing more sales (and profits) than ever, transport companies are overloaded by orders which are hence delivered late, unemployment is shooting through the roof and doesn’t even consider having a call center in Spain; one of the few safe jobs at this time; while it is available on,,

Thanks google however a few email addresses are available! Here is a small list of people that will be delighted to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to do actually help a customer!
I’m not sure however that all the addresses are working (employees change over time), so if I where you, I’d try a few different ones, just in case!

If enough people use this list and it becomes the reference for support, then might want to make it obsolete by (re)implementing a decent customer support.

UPDATE: List deleted, they reinstated telephonic support!

I hope you found this post useful! Please share it! Both to help Amazon making it’s customer assistance in Spain better, and to make amazon help Spain fighting against the unemployment caused by COVID19.

All I wanted was to talk to a human being working at So far I didn’t succeed, so please, include the link to this page in your email in hope that someday, someone might get in touch with me.