Hello, my name is Nelson, I am from Luxembourg.
I am not a professional, this site only reflects what did or didn't work for me - I take no responsibility!!!

IT is the simplest thing, and most people call it complex - Nature is the most complex thing and most people call it simple.


I like IT since the time I was playing games on Synclair Spectrum (we had to rewind the tapes upon gameover).

  1. - At 15, I did a bit of dos/windows 3.11/basic at school, it was fun.
  2. - At 19, I got my first computer, a Dell, cause I thought it was a good brand (lol) - it ran win 95, then win 98 and died under the reign of Windows millenium!
  3. - At 21, I moved to linux, tried a lot of distros, and stuck with gentoo, because it did what I told it to do - used debian/centos/suse on some webservers! - been promoting open source ever since
  4. - At 42 I moved to FreeBSD, under the impression linux was getting "somewhat" bloated.
  5. - Usually, when I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, I try to make it (and often fail, but it's an insightful and fun process).


I have always been attracted by nature, and like it better living in the middle of nowhere rather than in a city.
- At 37, I moved away from the city to the countryside and have been studying nature/permaculture (and protecting nature/biodiversity) ever since.
These last years, my environmental concerns have only been growing, this is where I dedicate most of my time/efforts.

This site is dedicated to some personnal ramblings and notes, mainly about those two topics.
How do/did things work for me. For some reasons I'd rather have them here than on social media!

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