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This site always and will always remain free, however if you are on this page, you are probably wondering how you could contribute.

– The easiest and least expensive way is to use the brave browser and tip me!

– The second easiest way, but a tiny bit more expensive is to dedicate a some of your computer power, mine Monero (XMR) for me a few hours/days/months/years by leaving a window open in your browser – didn’t set that up yet :s

– The third way is to send me some cryptocurrencies directly ^^  Here are some addresses:

Bitcoin 16oiYYkbf7qFQSk2VuhPsSJJ2r8NT2jbGe
Ethereum and Tokens 0xB1DcBDe40202b4d5BD352041126Ba6f29f7f4b77
XRP rpJYpQoeS1pZVpGpRfHxVggqj37Z4EjBG4
XMR 87mEcsJMnHALLeWv2mXVan32MFiHDbzC22F4zWuUwNy8i2GrEDSNBwd1W8zSv2oMykZ7rtn6Ne5V5RzZgow7bCdtUyw2mFr
ZCASH zs1e390dmtgggd5qq3rkxtaagjqnmv8t9e3lphpaevje54pn5ux7rpyy2urt40zwcsxprtx5k6mjsv

Thanks a lot!