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Elder Scrolls Online - Fishing guide to Master Fisher - Master Angler

In this post you will find the list of fishes of the different zones, as well as maps indicating where to get them in these zones.
I did not try to map every single fishing hole on the map, but rather to provide at least a few fishing holes of each type of water on each map.
Update 2016: Zeni disabled OpenGL support, effectively removing Linux support.  Byebye ESO.
Update 2017: moved this page to Steemit
Update 2020: I got a windows laptop able to run the game… decided to do a little update with the “new” zones and moved the page back here : Steemit was a mistake.  
Update 2021: Adding new zone map while migrating - didn't really spend a lot of time on presentation ^^

Map conventions and baits:

ESO Fishing Menu
As you probably know, the type of bait is critical for your rate of success while fishing.  Read the maps as follow for optimal results:
ESO fishing Ocean

It is an Ocean, use Worms or Chubs

ESO fishing Lake

It is a Lake, use Guts or Minnows

ESO fishing River

It is a River, use Insect Parts or Shads

ESO fishing Foul

It is an Foul Water, use Crawlers or Fish Roe

ESO fishing unknown

I didn't throw a line here, plugin registered the hole, but I don't know what it is: use your intuition!

Perfect Roe

A huge change came to the game between orginial post in 2015 and update: what used to be useless fish can now be filetted into Perfect Roe. You should do that, and either sell or cook the perfect roe, it is needed for most good food reciepes

ESO Perfect Roe


Credits deserved very much here, to the tools that made this tutorial possible:
Rare Fish Tracker, By Katkat42, which make it easy to track what you had/need in each zone.
Votan’s Fisherman, By Votan, which allowed the creation of the maps  (And his filetting addon that saved my mouse)


The first three zones are islands, with only ocean, just walk around and you’ll find many more holes than on my maps!

Bleackrock Angler:

Inner Sea Scalfin
ESO Fishing Map Bleackrock

Khenarthi’s Roost Angler:

As you can see there's a foul spot on map; just don"t fish there ^^

Pyandonean Ray
ESO fishing map Khenarthis Roost

Stros M’Kai Angler:

When I got this achievment, it was bugged and could only be obtained using Chubs.  It has supposedly been fixed, but you never know…

Elteric Grouper
ESO Fishing Map Stros Mkai

Covenant Fisherman:

Glenumbra Angler:

Azurain FlounderCambray PerchBrook TroutHag Fen Hagfish
TunaRock BassCatfishLamprey
Finless SolePowenWarmouthDragonfish
ESO fishing map Glenumbra

Stormhaven Angler:

Alcaire PikeSilver WalleyeDreugh ShrimpGray Loach
Stormhaven FlounderYellow BassRiver StingrayYellow Moray
DabBarfishGrass CarpSawfish
ESO fishing map Stormhaven

Foul is a bit of an issue here, one pin is hidden by Dreugh Water Boss.

Rivenspire Angler:

No foul water here, grid goes as follows:

Northpoint CodIchory ChubRuby Tench
Dusky GrouperRivenspire TroutStream Catfish
SnakeheadWrithing ScrabRibbon Eel
ESO fishing map Rivenspire

Alik’r Desert Angler:

No Rivers here, grid goes as follows:

BonefishDesert PupfishSand Eel
AlewifeSaw BellyCutthroat Eel
SablefishLungfishSand Moray
DriftfishBanded KillifishMidget Salmon
ESO fishing map Alikr Desert

Bangkorai Angler:

No foul water here, grid goes as follows:

Bjoulsae HakeLake SnapperPrickleback
Morid CodScaly LungfishPanga
ESO fishing map Bangkorai

Pact Fisherman:

Stonefalls Angler:

Akaviri WrasseRainbow ZanderAsh ShadScum Carp
ArmorheadLake ChubThorny CatfishFungufish

I’m quite sure there was a lake where my pin is on the map, but somehow it didn’t spawn when I made the guide.

ESO fishing map Stonefalls

Deshaan Angler:

No foul water here, grid goes as follows:

PikeblennyOld Man GarToadstool Tilapia
GibberfishIdeDeshaan Chub
MonkfishGouramiCutthroat Trout
Mustard EelMud LampreyMouthbrooder
ESO fishing map Deshaan

Shadowfen Angler:

No Ocean here, grid goes as follows:

HistcarpShark TadpoleToxic Xoach
Orange RoughyOpahCoelacanth
ESO fishing map Shadowfen

Eastmarch Angler:

Ghost HaddockKing SturgeonWhite River PickerelIce Remora
Golem SharkEastmarch PikeSteelheadSnipe Eel
PigfishCharIce FishModoc Sucker
ESO fishing map Eastmarch

Rift Angler:

No Ocean here, grid goes as follows:

Ilinalta TroutMuskellungeSulfersucker
Zebra OtoSockeye SalmonBream
Jarl SalmonGrouperSkate
Ice KoiWhite RoughbySkorrn
ESO fishing map Rift

I only found two Rivers here, pins are a bit hard to locate: Most southeastern and most northwestern holes!

Dominion Fisherman:

Auridon Angler:

No Foul here, grid goes as follow:

Thrassian EelIlyadifishShimmerpike
Eucla CodBarbelBlackspotted Pike
Blue MonkfishMudfishBristlemouths
ESO fishing map Auridon

Grathwood Angler:

Magrove SharkSticklebackGreater FangfinBillious Catfish
Devil RayKoiTiger PerchSnapper Eel
MojarraDreughfishHog SuckerSwamp eel
ESO fishing map Grathwood

Greenshade Angler:

Zebra PompanoJungle BassXylo PiranhaViperfish
TriggerfishMurray CodWalleyeWolf-Eel
ManefishArcherfishLyretailCusk Eel
ESO fishing map Greenshade

Malabal Tor Angler:

Abecean HalibutZ’en’s WhitefishStrident LeechfinOuze Toadfish
Sea BassArowanaStonefishGhastel Bass
ESO fishing map Malabal Tor

Reaper’s March Angler:

No Ocean here, grid goes as follows:

Forest BreamStrid ShadSlimeslither
LadyfishFlying FishReaper’s Eel
Brown TroutSweetfishBrotula
Preposterous MackerelSheepsheadRed Gurnard
ESO fishing map Reaper's March

Cyrodiil Angler:

Topal FencheRunmare BreamNibenay TroutSewer Eel
Emperor AngelfishRainbow FishGlassfishQuillfish
Jewel FishYellow PerchPirate PerchPutterfish
ESO fishing map Cyrodiil

Fishing in Cyro was the worst part of this achievement, mostly because as a member of the Ebonheart Pact, most fishing holes where in enemy territory. As the map tries to show:
– Foul waters are in the middle, near imperial city (I got all fishes from the same one)
– Ocean waters are all south (only found 2 spots, just north of the gate of Mnem, in Aldmery Dominion territory)
– Rivers and Lakes are plentiful near Drakelowe keep.

Coldharbour Angler:

All foul here

StingerpikeHeinous GarGhoulfishMoray Leech
Fang SharkPlasm DarterBlue SlimefishBichir
VenomfishAzure EelHarbour GarCavefish
ESO fishing map Coldharbour

Craglorn Angler:

Only Rivers and Lakes here.

Glasshead BarreleyeCrag SalmonYokudan CodNedic Eel
Forlorn CatfishNirn FlounderDragon GobyBitterling
Ghost KnitefishSpiny OrcfishCroakerMermouth
ESO fishing map Craglorn


ESO Master Fisherman

Well done… this is where this post originally finished…  
Here are the new zones from the 2020 update !


Imperial City Angler:

Aphotic BatfishGlow-Spotted BlennyCannibal Lancet
BlobfinHumpback AnglerFlabby Whalefish
GuiyuImperial LoosejawTrapjaw Eel
HatchetfishScabrous GrenadierWen Loach
ESO fishing map Imperial City

Summerset Angler:

Note that when fishing in Summerset, you can get some Pyandonean bottles, which can contain pyandonean style pages.

ESO Pyandonean Style
LingweloceCrystal HanniaGreat YellowfinSenche Flathead
Radiant DoryDusk ArowanaAnu’s TravallyCopper Oreodory
Quicksilver LingweBlooming FlowerhornEton SpratBurnish Groper
ESO fishing map Summerset

Artaeum Angler:

Note you can get some waterlogged psijic satchels when fishing in artaeum, these can contain some interesting recipes!

ESO Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl
ESO Artaeum Takeaway Broth


Weaving OctopusPearlescent CrayfishAbyssal Sea Pig


ESO fishing map Artaeum

Clockwork City Angler:

Note that fishes from Clockwork city seem to have a higher drop percentage of perfect roe compared to any other zone.

Barilzar’s GrenadierAncestor WrasseEnmegalabzu
OrodWhisper KnifefishCoppery Cucumber
Venimous CatfishClicking TravallyOil-Eater Whalefish
Imperfect BlobfinOperant EelCopperclaw Crayfish
ESO fishing map Clockwork City

Wrothgar Angler:

Blue-Ringed OctopusGiant HammerjawChinleaGreater Ashmouth
Black ScabbardfishMatron EelpoutNelmaLesser Ashmouth
Hairy CollinfishVorkhiposhTum WeaverPariah Lumpfish
ESO fishing map Wrothgar

Gold Coast Angler:

Sleeper SharkPalatine SabertoothBullface WingfinGhastly Batfish
ScorpionfishHammer BombilLongmouth PikeSpiny Frogfish
RattailSpotted BassGold Coast CrayfishBlack Anvil Loach
ESO fishing map Gold Coast

Hew’s Bane Angler:

Sparking AnglermouthCichlidGlass CatfishKeuppia
CrestfishCherry BarbFiremouthFringed Mudskipper
Beggar SharkBala SharkHew’s RasboraDaggertooth
ESO fishing map Hews Bane

Vvardenfell Angler:

Resdaynian SailfinShalk-Brother CrayfishAsh BlindfishOanna
Weeping Pigmy SharkPity BombilNetch-Hook EelFiremouth Guiyu
Ghost OctopusHoaga OtoPilgrim GobySleeper Coffinfish
ESO fishing map Vvardenfell

Murkmire Angler:

Longlure EelfinMoist Scale BurrowerHist Sap ShinerMichinitl
Fat SleeperBowfinKuuyicetAyotlchin
Spotted SeatroutRedear SunfishThick Scaled MulletLined Sole
ESO fishing map Murkmire

Northern Elsweyr Angler:

Elsweyr Moon TetraMoon Sugar ShrimpHircine’s PupfishGreater Senchefin
GraylingFreshwater BlennyReedfishSpeckled Dace
CudgeonRimmen BichirGalaxiasDesert Sucker
ESO fishing map Northern Elsweyr

Southern Elsweyr Angler:

Khaj’ RohRoh hiRadhin Zhab
Zha’ja RohFresh-Water SardinellaPelitine Tilapia
Pelitine Horse MackerelElsweyr River PerchFif Cat
WedgefishShaveskin DarterRuin Sucker
ESO fishing map Southern Elsweyr

Western Skyrim and Greymoor Cavern Angler:

BirtingrLodsilungurBlue MuskieSanguine Lamprey
Skyrim Gurry SharkFrigid CharMorthal LongfinVandellia
Ghost SalmonSolitude LoachChillwind PikeHypogean Tetra
ESO fishing map Western Skyrim


ESO fishing map Greymoor Caverns

The Reach and Blackreach, Arkthzand Cavern Angler:

Druadach GarpikeBlackreach PilgrimBriarthorn Goby
Pinegrilled DrumFretfishLeechtooth Eel
Hagfin VendaceLost Valley TenchMuckbelly Frogfish
Karth CrayfishNchuand CavetroutSitwallow Burrfish
ESO fishing map The Reach


ESO fishing map Blackreach Arkthzand Cavern

2021: Adding Blackwood !


Opaline AlbacoreBlackwater BullheadPatherfishStained Porgy
Harvester OctopusRed ZanderIvory DarterInkspur Cuttlefish
Topal NautilusSpeckled SaugerOnkobra MuskieMuddy Razorgill
ESO fishing map Blackwood

That’s all folks, I hope this guide helped you well!

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