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Signing pdf with xournal

For years, I've been signing documents by printing them, signing, and scanning them.
As I'm changing my computing habits, I looked for a more ecological way to do this, and found "xournal"!
Available in FreeBSD and most linux distros, it allows you to annotate, and add signature on a pdf document.
The app is lightweight and user-frienfly!

pkg install xournal
xournal testsign.pdf

Now just add comments/sign the document like required.

sign pdf with xournal

When done, hit control-e to export to pdf - and voila, you can send back the signed document without having printed it!


I can't believe it took me so long to get rid of a stupid old habit - it is such an easy change, with a huge impact - that I felt I needed to post it as a note to myself: change your habits!

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