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Summary of the few last months


Between my father's passing away, and a LOT of work, I didn't feel like writing much these last few months.
Here are a few updates to previous topics:
- Updated/added a few thing in tinyscripts
- Got my new laptop running FreeBSD (still need to write about that one day)
- Switched from OpenBSD to pfsense and back to OpenBSD (still need to write about that one day)
- Reconfigured my VPN while I was at it (still need to write about that one day)
- Business in Indian startup is picking up quite well, lots of work reviewing business strategy and software architecture!
- Testing SimpleVeggieGarden a bit - some update of the git is eventually planned...
- Got some land in France, founded an ecological community, planted over 200 trees, cleaned the river, getting the bnb running, ...!
- Did some tests to switch from raspbx to freebsd/asterisk on the pi... didn't get satisfying results yet.
- ...

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