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Almost two years ago, I decided to stake 32 eth and setup a node.
Sigma prime's lighthouse did a wonderful job with infura/alchemy and everything went great for two years on a VPS.
Now comes the merge, and with it, the recquirement of running my own Execution Layer node.
This requires at least 1Tb storage (2 would be safer on the long run), with a good internet connection and stable power.
I have a place with 100Tb storage, but it has a shitty internet connection.
I have another place with awesome internet, but it experiences daily power shortages.
The datacenter where my validator and beacon where hosted has great availability, but price for 2Tb makes for negative profitability.

Thanks for the lighthouse team, it literally crashed 0 times in nearly 2 years, only attestations missed where when rebooting the server.

I remain bullish on eth on the long, just not able to participate anymore \_o_/
Without any other choice, it is with great sadness that I shut down my node today
# lighthouse account validator exit --keystore /var/lib/lighthouse/validators/0xb...5/keystore.json --beacon-node http://localhost:5052 --network mainnet


And voila, it is done, appearantly funds might be withdrawable soon! might post an update at that moment ;)
All there's left is to reformat server and repurpose it for the 3 months I have left with it!

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